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                         HomeProduct&Service Service

                      Top-ranking team

                      Professional market-developing personnel with highly sensitive on market, high quality R&D team which makes us communicate with customers easier.

                      Sales team: multiple languages, quick communication.

                      We have high quality sales personnel who can speak English, Germany, Russian, French, which makes us communicate with customer without any obstacle. We offer one-stop service to offer a satisfactory answer to your questions. Any question will be answered in 24hours, and for local customers, the customer-service personnel will be on site within 48 hours.

                      Quotation Team: Quick response, Customer oriented.

                      We set professional PCB quoting team and the response will be in 24hours. We can offer your detail quotation list(e.g.: material, processing charge, engineering charge, etc.), which will help you learn our price system completely.

                      Order Processing: Multi ways of processing order.

                      Our order system support different ways of placing order, like the soft copy from order and EDI order etc. Our professional team is always ready to process and schedule to meet different requests of orders.

                      CAM team: Standardized CAM processing.

                      Our CAM team is a professional one with rich experience in PCB building. We deal with the data and files within 24hours to ensure that data from customers can be reviewed, audited, confirmed, built in the first-hand time.

                      Logistic management: multiple logistic ways

                      Our professional logistic team provides foreign customers with different shipping ways like by air, by sea and combination of air and sea, door to door service, and offer bonded warehouse service for domestic customers.
                      Address:Interface of Sanhe village, Tonghu Town, Zhongkai Hi-tech park, Huizhou     Tel:0755-23001515   Fax:0755-23003519
                       Email:sales@www.unionrom.com    web:www.www.unionrom.com