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                         HomeQuality Quality assurance

                      We have one professional quality management team and win customer's satifactory by complete quality management of pre-planning, preventing, improvement, standardization.
                      We are approved by ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and UL to improve our process capability with quality management, and have full control of processing parameter and ensure the quality with perfect analysis and test equipment.

                      Quality Target:

                      Monthly On time delivery rate ≥99.9%;
                      Monthly complaint rate ≤1;
                      Monthly return rate ≤0.1%
                      Monthly FQA passing rate≥99%
                      Monthly Incoming passing rate =100%
                      Monthly material stock within one month output
                      Monthly material on time rate
                      Customer satisfactory ≥90'
                      Monthly sample passing rate≥90%
                      Monthly Direct passing rate of finished product≥98%
                      Monthly sampling passing rate≥99.8%

                      Quality Policy:Pursue superior quality, offer satisfactory service.

                      Address:Interface of Sanhe village, Tonghu Town, Zhongkai Hi-tech park, Huizhou     Tel:0755-23001515   Fax:0755-23003519
                       Email:sales@www.unionrom.com    web:www.www.unionrom.com