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                         HomeAbout us Enterprise culture
                      Enterprise mission—To be world top ranking metal base PCB manufacturer
                      Enterprise Vison—To gain industry leader position replying on unique core competence
                      Core value—Being together, never give up
                      Operation philosophy—Pursue superior quality, offer satisfactory service
                      Mangement philosophy—Conducting standard, continuous improvement
                      Talent philosophy—Making employees enjoy the success of company is our constant pursuit
                      Service Philosophy—One stop service
                      Motivation—Challenge the limit, surpass yourself.
                      Study—Learning hard, improve continously
                      Cooperation—Trust each other, help each other
                      Execution—Strict and rigour, to be best
                      Behavior—Budget strictly, no wasting
                      liability—Starting from me, ending from me.
                      Address:Interface of Sanhe village, Tonghu Town, Zhongkai Hi-tech park, Huizhou     Tel:0755-23001515   Fax:0755-23003519
                       Email:sales@www.unionrom.com    web:www.www.unionrom.com